Rhythm Workshop

Educational and fun!

Work together

From the very outset a Talking Rhythms workshop is a dynamic way to energise
and model working together for  young people of any age.

The facilitated activities take you on a journey through tempo, texture and rhythmic structures,
working together all the time listening and connecting to create your own fantastic grooves.

Learn together

Visual, Kinaesthetic, Auditory

Whether you  are embedding beat competency for linguistic development at Foundation stage or  cross rhythms and performance skills further up the school, learning is absorbed through the process of activity.

                           Have Fun Together!


Team Work

Social Skills

Hands on ………….for everyone !

The children enjoyed using all the different instruments and talked about how much they enjoyed it afterwards !
I will be using some of the ideas taught for my own teaching of music.

Clare Walton Year 3 Teacher

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