Book a Workshop

Talking Rhythms Workshop will:

– provide all instruments needed for the workshop.

– take active control of groups involved throughout the


– facilitate groups through a process of rhythmic


– provide easy to follow structures and frameworks for

 music making

– incorporate techniques to develop and enhance

 listening and understanding the roles of different


– draw out key links with curriculum topics or group


– do all in our power to ensure Workshops are:

fun  efficient  inclusive matched to groups and

have a dynamic impact as a corporate activity


You will need to provide:

On booking:

– basic information about your group, numbers, particular needs, desired


– venue information, drop off point, distance to and nature of working

 space e.g. large hall/ low ceiling

– contact details for event leader (some larger events may require a 


On the day:

– clear suitable working area

– enough chairs for each participant +2

  (alternative arrangements can be made in exceptional circumstances)

– a responsible adult working with the group who is aware of any  

 significant needs or issues (children/vulnerable adults groups)

– a group of people who are prepared to work together and share some



Contact Talking Rhythms

by phone  07736714732

or webmail

to arrange your event